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Overlooking the Parco del Mare in Rimini
Among Fellini atmospheres and Romagna hospitality
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…there is more than the sea!

The Unexpected Side of Rimini

… beyond the sea, there’s more!

Rimini is renowned for its sea and nightlife, but the city is steeped in history, culture, and art, with magical places and green areas ideal for the whole family. Discover the hidden side of Rimini and see the city through Fellini’s eyes: like him, you won’t be able to help but love it!

a fascinating seafront

Marina Centro

Marina Centro is the liveliest district of Rimini, the true pulsating heart of the city, loved by tourists and locals alike, and also by Federico Fellini, to whom a magnificent square is dedicated. A charming promenade, shops, bars, and restaurants, but also parks and beauties waiting to be discovered. From here, you can reach the city centre on foot, take relaxing walks in the pedestrian area of Parco del Mare, and immerse yourself in the nightlife.


Historic Centre

Rimini’s historic centre is a maze of alleys and squares rich in history, reachable on foot with a 10-minute walk through Parco Cervi. Here, you can breathe a unique and fascinating atmosphere, the one that Fellini has often depicted in his cinematic masterpieces. A perfect blend of modernity and ancient history, bustling venues, and majestic artistic monuments like the Arch of Augustus, the famous and indestructible Tiberius Bridge, and the Domus del Chirurgo, displaying the remains of the highest Roman civilisation and many other beauties that we invite you to see with your own eyes.

unique and fascinating atmosphere

Fellini Places

Borgo San Giuliano

The poetic and cinematic art of Federico Fellini is everywhere; just take a walk and look around to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the places immortalised in his most famous films or part of the director’s daily life. Don’t miss Borgo San Giuliano, where the walls are painted with the most famous scenes from his films, Cinema Fulgor, an ancient gem where the director saw his first film and where art screenings are still held today, the Pier, and the alleys of the historic centre. And if you want to pay homage, at the Monumental Cemetery, there is a magnificent funerary sculpture created by Arnaldo Pomodoro in honour of Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina.

Parco del Mare

The new Parco del Mare in Rimini is an urban redevelopment project that has transformed several kilometres of the waterfront into a magnificent waterfront tailored to people, with green areas, wooden pedestrian paths, fitness islands, squares with benches, and play areas for children. In the Marina Centro part, right in front of the hotel, the park’s flagship is the Belvedere. About 10 meters high, it offers a panoramic view of the beach and the sea, dancing fountains, and comfortable seating for pleasant moments of tranquillity.

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Hotel La Gradisca
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